Title: Kung Zhu
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Family/Party
Release Date: 11/16/2010
There is more to Zhu Zhu Pets than being cute and cuddly! Turn your Zhu Zhu Pets into battle-ready warriors in this game based on the award-winning toys. The Zhu artifacts you were sworn to protect have been stolen. Now, you’ll battle to get them back. Join two Zhu Zhu Pets tribes: the powerful Special Forces hamsters, or the stealth Ninja Warriors. Train your favorite hamsters – including Special Force members Stonewall, Rivet, Rock’O, and Sergeant Serge, or Ninja Warriors Thorn, Azer, Drayko, and Yama – and head into battle. Use goofy Zhu Zhu combos, gear up with battle accessories, and level up your pet until your warrior becomes a true Zhu-Master.

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